Lately I’ve noticed that there are tons of books out there on staying pure for your future spouse, how to find love, etc.

Relationships. Relationships. Relationships.

Not to say that relationships are a bad thing. They can be great! And God made us for relationship (whether that’s in the context of marriage or with family and friends). However, I believe that there’s a disturbing lack of material telling you to find yourself first. Often a “significant other” can be seen as what will complete your “missing half”. But do two broken people really make a whole?

Sometimes it feels like if you’re single, there’s a problem with you. The message seems to be that marriage should be the end goal. The problem is that not everyone gets married.

“God will bring the right one”, they say. But what if God calls me to live a life of singleness? He doesn’t promise that everyone will get married. However, I do know that He is big enough to supply all of  my needs.

Plus, there are other ways to fill our need for human interaction. You can spend time with friends, go to youth groups, or volunteer and much more!

saw this feeling of restlessness and pressure in myself and didn’t like it. I don’t want to live my life wishing all my time away. I want to live fully and accept myself for who I am now. Who knows? I may get married someday, but for now I want to be content with where I am and focus on my goals.

This is my journey to be free and live in the present with positivity and for the glory of God.


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