To Run

Anyone who’s known me will know that I’ve never been the fastest runner in gym class. Or the best athlete in sports – in fact, I was never on the sports teams. I was the music/ band kid, who was into reading, writing, and all that jazz (pun intended).

Despite not being very althetic, I have always cared about my health and body. Furthermore, since leaving high school and developing asthma, I began to realize the increasing need for more activity in my life and not just healthy eating. So, as some of my longer followers may remember, I started exercising regularly.

Fast forward to tonight and I was having a rough time. So, I decided to go on a walk, which turned into more of a jog/ run. Now, I get why people like running. To feel the burning in your legs and abs, the heaving of your lungs and adrenaline pushing you forward. It felt really good to just run and feel the wind blowing in my albeit short hair.

The music I was listening to gave me a nice pace to run to – (I had walking and running segments to make sure my asthma wouldn’t be a problem). The music also helped lighten my mood, however, nothing lifted me up like seeing this young boy along the way. He looked to have down syndrome and he, along with his father, were obviously on their way to the boy’s soccer game. And as I passed by, he stuck out his hand for me and we high fived. It put a big smile on both of their faces. But I wonder if they saw how much it made my night as well. I walked away with just as big a smile as theirs. It was a little gesture, but it meant so much.

I know this may sound overrated, but it really is the little things! This by far was the best run I’ve had… Actually the first run I think I’ve done, but it was such a good experience that I’m definitely thinking of doing it again.