My Top Favourite Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas everyone! For any of you who have been following my blog for a little while now, you’ll know that I love music. And on this special day, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Christmas songs. (Note: these are not in any particular order because to pick one that is my #1 favourite would be extremely difficult!)

  1. “Christmas Is All In The Heart”, Steven Curtis Chapman

SCC is one my favourite artists and this song is just so peaceful and beautiful.

2. “Snow Falls”, Carried Away

I like Carried Away’s sound and harmonies. Where I live there isn’t any snow… but I can dream, right? (Not that I love snow, but it does seem strange without it.)

3. “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, Pentatonix

Hark the Herald Angels Sing has been my favourite Christmas carol for years now. The version Pentatonix does isn’t exactly the most traditional. However, I still like what they did with it. Plus, their harmonies are simply amazing. They are all so talented!

4. “Where Are You Christmas?” Faith Hill

Christmas isn’t always a happy and joyous time for everyone. In the past few years, I’ve had a tough time during this season. This song truly captures this feeling in our hearts.

The Piano Guys do such an awesome job of this song that I couldn’t help but share their version too! Take a listen!

5. “Give This Christmas Away”, Matthew West & Amy Grant

I feel like this song speaks to us about the true spirit of Christmas! Love is meant to share!

6. “Christmas This Year”, Tobymac

Tobymac is such a great and talented artist! He has done songs in many different genres. This song is very uplifting and fun to listen to.

7. “Noel”, Chris Tomlin ft. Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle is an artist I discovered more recently. She has such a beautiful and powerful voice. Also, her song lyrics are very thoughtful.

8. “Mary Did You Know?”, Mark Lowry

Comedian and gospel singer Mark Lowry wrote the lyrics for the song “Mary Did You Know?”. And he does an amazing job singing it!

9. “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” Band Aid

People coming together for this project is so amazing and encouraging. This is true heart of Christmas – caring for others. (On a side note: the 1984 version is the best… sorry not sorry). You can’t get better than the original!

10. “Mary’s Boy Child”, Boney M.

I have such fond memories of this song! At my grandma’s house, she would play this song and I’d start dancing in her living room.

Honourable mentions:

11. “Christmas Makes Me Cry”, Matthew West & Mandisa

Not to be too sad, but this song is too beautiful not to at least mention!

12. “The Heart of Christmas”, Matthew West

Yes, as you can guess, I also like Matthew west a lot.

**It’s officially midnight! Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy your time celebrating with your family**


Last Minute Christmas Gifts

This season can be a very busy time for a lot of people. Sometimes with all of our responsibilities and/or distractions, it can be a rush to get everything done. With that said, here are some Christmas ideas for those of you who may be trying to get last minute gifts.

First of all, when looking for a gift for a friend of family member, it’s good to show that you’ve put some thought into it. What kind of things do they enjoy? What are their hobbies?

  1. Journalling / Writing

Does the person you’re buying for enjoy writing or journalling? Journals, notebooks, etc. can be great gifts. They are appreciated by the recipient and can be used for a multitude of different things. notebook-731212_960_720.jpg

2. Books

So maybe the individual isn’t a writer… well, do they enjoy reading? Books are a thoughtful gift and will definitely make the day of any book lover! Don’t know the type of book they like? I know sometimes gift cards can be looked down upon as being a cheap way of avoiding a serious gift… but honestly, a book lover will be ecstatic to receive a gift card to a book store.


3. Music

As a side note, I’m not just basing this off of things that I like….  I know these are generally good basic gift ideas.

Okay, so if they enjoy music, you can get them a CD of an artist they like. Just make sure they don’t already have it. If you don’t personally know, it’s fairly easy to find out from another close friend or family member. And if they don’t collect CDs, an iTunes card is always a valid option.



4. Movies

Is there a movie or TV show they really enjoy? That’s another option. Or instead, you could actually take them to see something in theatres. That way they receive a gift, but also get an enjoyable experience while spending time with you.



5.  DIY

Not everyone is the ‘creative type’. However, if you are on the creative side, this can be in your favour. Not all projects can take excessive amounts of time, like knitting a scarf. To start, you could make your own Christmas cards instead of buying them in the store. It’s more personal because even if it doesn’t take a long time, it still shows that you put in effort and thought. If you aren’t sure what to write, there are plenty of quotes, blessings, Bible verses and more that you can find online.

The possibilities are endless, only limited to what you can come up with. One quick idea is putting together a hot chocolate mix. There are multiple different recipes, but some ingredients you can put together are: cocoa, sugar, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and crushed peppermint or candy canes.


I could continue on with other suggestions of quick and inexpensive last minute gift ideas. However, the main thing is to know the individual you are buying for – their interests, likes, etc. The gift doesn’t have to be big or really expensive, but just something that the person would enjoy and/or could use.

In the end, just remember. Christmas is more about making moments and memories. Spending time with the people you care about can honestly be the greatest gift. They will understand if you’re not in the place to give gifts this year.

Memorable Moments

Hello everyone! I’m back from the void! I feel sad that I haven’t written  anything here since October. However, my life became really crazy in the latter half of the semester with all the assignments and studying for exams.

I will strive to change this in the new year. It’s one of my goals to organize myself – my priorities, etc. – and to schedule and plan better.

There have been many hard and painful moments of this year. Yet, I will still look back at 2015 with fondness. It has been fun and encouraging to make some new friendships. I also feel like I’ve personally developed and grown significantly. Everything considered, I look forward to this new year with hope and excitement. I’ll trust God and await to see what lies in store for me. Whatever happens, I know I’m not alone. I’m loved and surrounded by a community that cares for me.

I enjoy this season of the year because it’s a time when family comes together. Joy, hope, peace and love are in the air. However, let’s also remember to be thinking of and praying for those who will have a difficult time dealing with pain and loss.

What are you looking forward to over this Christmas and holiday season?