Mood Altering

Goodbye August and hello September 1st! The topic of mood has been on my mind a lot lately. Now it’s common to see my mood swing up and down, but what can I do when it stays down? How do I get out of a low? Well, there’s no step by step guide. It’s different for everyone, but I thought I’d share some ideas on what has helped me.


Even if it’s just going for a walk, I find being in nature rejuvenating. Instead of being trapped inside all day – in your house or at work – take some time to get fresh air.


I definitely used to be one of those people who hid under a desk at the work exercise. Me exercise…? It wasn’t going to happen. But once I started exercising out of necessity, I surprisingly found that it wasn’t too bad. I actually enjoyed it and it helped to boost my mood. Whenever I became angry, I found it helpful to work out and deal with all my stress that way. It’s healthy for your body and mind.


I’m an introvert, but if I’m alone for too long, I start to feel lonely. Everyone needs a certain amount of social interaction. So, whether it’s planning a movie night or going out for coffee or lunch, spending time with your friends is a good mood booster. My friends always know how to brighten my day and make me laugh.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a girly girl or not, if you wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, I think it can help improve your mood. In my experience, if I’m wearing my favourite t-shirt or pants, then I feel good and also probably won’t be as self-conscious.


I like music a lot. Therefore, you’ll probably see me mention it quite a bit. Music is powerful. It can bring people together, touch the heart, cause you to sing and/or dance. However you’re feeling or whatever you’re facing, there’s probably a song you can identify with. I usually see a difference in my mood after listening to my favourite artists. If I’m particularly anxious or stressed about something, I listen to peaceful instrumentals or movie soundtracks.

Here is one of my favourite movie songs from LOTR.

*Picture from Pixabay