____ Is Where the Heart Is?

Have you ever thought about how amazing the human heart is? I’ve been thinking about it lately. There is so much room to love. Consider this: we love our pets, we love our family, our children, our friends – and the list goes on. It may not sound very exciting, but it hit me recently. I have enough room in my heart to love more than one person SO much. It’s actually pretty incredible.

Family - Celebration - Balloons

Where does love come from anyways? Well, I’m glad you asked. I know the love that I have in my heart does not come from me alone. God has poured his unconditional love into us and that overflows out of us. That is where my ability to love, so deeply, comes from. Because there times in life when it is hard to love others and there are people we come across who are difficult to love. I am not perfect, but God’s love is. In these times, when I have the ability to love – (when otherwise I wouldn’t) – I know it’s God working a miracle in my heart again.

Joy - People

He first loved us. Having experienced such great love, how can I keep that to myself? I am compelled to share that love with others.

While writing this post, I thought about the saying “home is where the heart is”. If that is true, then I can be at home anywhere. I can go to school¬†and find people I love. Or I can go to my house and find my family (whom I love). Anywhere I go I can find something beautiful. I am never truly alone. I am never without something to be grateful for or something to appreciate.