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Update on Life

My last few posts have always started with me apologizing for my lack of posts. I always feel bad whenever time gets away from me or I procrastinate, because I actually do enjoy writing. To be honest, I have been putting off making a new post for a while now because I couldn’t think of anything to write about.

This time I will not make excuses. Besides, bogging is not something mandatory, but something I do for fun. That being said, I want to work on being more consistent with posting.

Part of the reason I put off blogging was because of my indecision on what kind of post to make. I have done all sorts of different things in the past. I have made posts on health & wellness and weekly themes, like Poetry Fridays, and others. Maybe it would help to get an idea of what kind of content you guys would like to read. I always have my favourite subjects (i.e. music, etc.), of course, but I want to have content that’s creative and interesting. So, what do you think? Let me know what kind of blogging you’d like to see me do!


Anyways, if you’ve been wondering what’s been going on in my life over these past months, let me tell you. In one word: school. In more words, life’s been crazy as usual. However, it hasn’t always been bad crazy – there’s been some good in there too. For example, I’ve had the chance to make a few new friends this year, which is great. I love meeting new awesome people. After the few months in which I was walking around as through a thick fog – a time also known as winter – I began to make some changes in my life. I have wanted to be consistent in my devotions and prayer life for quite some time, but have struggled to get in and keep up that habit. Accountability is a great thing. It’s really helpful to have someone else to meet with, even if I then go and do my own thing. It motivates me to keep up with it and not give up, if I have someone who’s expecting me to meet them. I’ve found that starting my day in God’s presence positively affects the rest of the day and has made me more aware and engaged in daily life. I’m not sure if it’s been quite a month yet, but I’d say I’m off to a good start in making this a long-term habit!

That’s all for now folks! So, share your thoughts (in the comments) on what content I should do here. Here’s a song I discovered today: Everyday People by Morgan Harper Nichols.


Very Inspiring Blog Award Nominees


Thank you very much to Susan Barclay for nominating me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. As my mom, you may be a little biased, but I am honoured to receive this recognition. Sorry that it took me a while to make this responding post. I’ve been bad in the past of keeping up with reading other people’s blogs, but it’s been something I’m working on. I finally feel like I have a few great bloggers I can share! Click on Susan’s name above to see her blog, “Notes From Innisfree”.
The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog.

2. Display the award logo.

3. Nominate as many blogs as you see fit and provide a link where they may be found.

4. Then, go to their blog, leave a comment to let them know they have been nominated, and where to find the information they need to accept (rules).

5. Mention three things that inspired you the most during the past few weeks.

Blogs I Am Nominating

1. Lashes-to-Lunges – Because I find her posts challenging to me and inspiring.

2. Megra12’s Meanderings – Because I love Meaghan’s thoughts and posts on books, music, and other miscellaneous topics!

3. Story Shucker – Becasuse Stuart M. Perkins tells fun and amusing stories related to everyday life!

4. Double U – Because John White’s writing and poems are inspiring, creative, and picturesque!

5. Magnumlady’s Blog – Because I love Ireland and her pictures of the Ireland are amazing! So talented!

These are the blogs that stood out to me. A small number can be just as enriching as a large number.

3 Inspiring Things From This Past Week

1. The number of people who have been supporting me through a difficult time is very inspiring. It’s encouraging to know that I have some great friends and family here for me!

2. On the topic of family, is my younger brother! I find him very inspiring. We have a great relationship, so much so that people often mistake us for dating (what?! No! Siblings!). He’s dramatic and always knows how to make me laugh. He likes spending time together, or even just having me around as company while he’s doing something else. He’s thoughtful and inspiring in his character.

3. An afternoon hangout with a good friend. I found out that in the past my friend had gone through some of the problems I’m struggling with now. It was inspiring to know someone who has gone through the grinder and come out on the other side healed and happy.