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Top 10 Foods I Hate

Hello and happy Friday to you! I am often reminded of all the things I have to be thankful for! For example, one thing I am grateful for is good food. Every individual and culture have different ideas of what is considered to be good food. We also eat multiple times each day, so it’s important to consider what we’re putting in our bodies… at least that’s how I see it. With that all said, to start off this Friday I thought I would do it with a list of the top 10 foods I hate (not necessarily in order).

1. Mustard

For all of the technical people out there, I know mustard is more of a condiment than a food. However, “Top 10 Foods I Hate” seemed like a better title to me than something like “Top 10 Edible Items I Hate” or “10 Terrible Foods & Other Disasters”. Anyways, I have never liked the taste of mustard. Even it’s smell I find disgusting. I am the odd one out of my family, as everyone else likes it. But I always feel a sense of victory and joy from moments when I meet another person who can join me in the dislike of mustard.

2. Tofu

Soy is something I try to avoid anyways. It’s not good for you and most of the things made of soy aren’t very appealing. For example, consider foods like tempeh, tofu and who knows what others, because let’s be honest here soy is in almost everything. Focusing back on tofu, I find that it doesn’t have much flavour at all and tastes more like a sponge than edible food. (Importance Notice: I do not speak from personal experience. I haven’t ever eaten a sponge and neither should you. However, tofu is what I imagine a sponge would taste like).

3. Mushrooms

stock-photo-brown-champignon-mushroom-and-rosemary-leaves-isolated-on-white-background-cutout-149506979Ask any of my family or friends and I’m sure they will tell you that this is definitely one of my top hated foods. Mushrooms on anything is a no for me. If pizza was made, I would take those toppings off. My mom has even attempted to hide them, to no avail, in different casseroles and dishes, but I can still detect them. I don’t think I need to explain why I hate mushrooms… you either love them or hate them. If you love mushrooms, well then I’m sorry I don’t know how to help you understand it. However, if you hate them too, then you fully understand my struggle.

4. Whipped Cream

I’m sorry, but not really that sorry because whipped cream is actually gross. It’s not even like cream, it’s more like a dense foam. Its taste triggers my gag reflex. Guys, I don’t want to call you out, but I’m just going to say it… you’re doing it wrong.

5. Marshmallows

stock-photo-marshmallows-isolated-on-white-background-218146417Chocolate is a definite yes! However, combined with marshmallows or cooked over a campfire…squishy. Just no. (Interestingly enough I do like rice crispy squares, as long as they aren’t overly sticky from marshmallows, but anything else is a huge NOPE).

6. Mayonnaise

Something about the consistency of mayonnaise is wrong. I don’t like it’s thick creamy and strong taste. FYI, this post is making it sound like I don’t like anything remotely creamy. Not true. Ice cream… frozen yogurt….Things I don’t eat anymore because vegan. Right. Alright, continue with your accusations, you are correct my friend. Wait… there’s almond yogurt! On second thought nevermind, it’s more similar in taste to pudding than yogurt.

Final thoughts on mayo: it’s a no-go. (Haha.. puns. Get it? Okay, I’ll move on now).

7. Brussel Sprouts

My dad and I have never like Brussel sprouts. It’s simple. They are a bitter food and, for me. something about their leaves are just gross. Is it because Brussel sprouts need to be cooked perfectly in order to not taste horrible? Possibly. They’ve been made recently for dinner and I didn’t find them awful when I had them. So… a step in the right direction, or am I being lulled into a false sense of security only to find out the next time that they still are terrible? Only time will tell.

8. Beets

Thankfully beets don’t often show up on our dinner table. If beets are consumed in my house, it’s usually when my mom takes a few out of the jar and eats it alone. So, I only have to worry if we’re at a friend or relative’s house and beets are on the menu. I don’t want to be rude, but I just can’t stand them. There was one dish I had of beets that was good – made by my grandma – but that was the first time I’ve liked them.

9. Cilantro

This is the weirdest food for me. Probably because I only found out recently that I don’t like cilantro. Moreover, it was totally by chance! We were eating a mixed salad a few days ago and I didn’t like it, which was unusual for me, since I like almost every kind of salad I’ve tried. I noticed the bitter flavour, but didn’t say anything until my mom tried to serve it a second time. Then I spoke up saying “You know, I don’t really like this salad. It’s really bitter. What’s in it?” My mom was naturally surprised, “Really?” That’s when it was suggested to me that it might be cilantro. Next I isolated a few pieces of cilantro and ate it. Lightbulb. It was cilantro.

10. Liquorice

stock-photo-liquorice-allsorts-fondant-and-licorice-sweets-or-candy-185927168I know I’m not alone in disliking liquorice. I’m not even sure what exactly I don’t like about it, but it just has a really strong flavour that turns me off. Even as a kid, at Halloween I would gather up all my Twizzlers and liquorice candies and give them to my brother, who happily took them. (The photo looks appetizing – all colourful – but as soon as you fall for its trap, it shows its true colours).

Bonus: 11. Hot Dogs 

Hot dogs? It’s more like mystery meat. They are disgusting… and are made from who knows what leftover and bad things. Honestly, anything that tastes that much like rubber can’t be all natural and healthy. Short and sweet. No hot dogs for me.

Honourable mentions:

  • Cooked carrots (I only tolerate cooked carrots… mostly because I was raised to try a little bit of what’s offered to you. Even if you don’t like it your taste buds may change.)
  • Tuna Fish (I used to hate tuna as a child, but eventually I grew to like it. Though now I strive to follow a vegan diet, so I avoid consuming fish & meat.)

**NOTE: everything above was meant in good spirits, for fun, entertainment, and conversation. It was not intended to offend. Not that you should take offence to my opinions of bad foods, as they are only just that… my opinions. So if you like any of the above mentioned foods, go ahead and enjoy it.


To Run

Anyone who’s known me will know that I’ve never been the fastest runner in gym class. Or the best athlete in sports – in fact, I was never on the sports teams. I was the music/ band kid, who was into reading, writing, and all that jazz (pun intended).

Despite not being very althetic, I have always cared about my health and body. Furthermore, since leaving high school and developing asthma, I began to realize the increasing need for more activity in my life and not just healthy eating. So, as some of my longer followers may remember, I started exercising regularly.

Fast forward to tonight and I was having a rough time. So, I decided to go on a walk, which turned into more of a jog/ run. Now, I get why people like running. To feel the burning in your legs and abs, the heaving of your lungs and adrenaline pushing you forward. It felt really good to just run and feel the wind blowing in my albeit short hair.

The music I was listening to gave me a nice pace to run to – (I had walking and running segments to make sure my asthma wouldn’t be a problem). The music also helped lighten my mood, however, nothing lifted me up like seeing this young boy along the way. He looked to have down syndrome and he, along with his father, were obviously on their way to the boy’s soccer game. And as I passed by, he stuck out his hand for me and we high fived. It put a big smile on both of their faces. But I wonder if they saw how much it made my night as well. I walked away with just as big a smile as theirs. It was a little gesture, but it meant so much.

I know this may sound overrated, but it really is the little things! This by far was the best run I’ve had… Actually the first run I think I’ve done, but it was such a good experience that I’m definitely thinking of doing it again.

Going Back

High school is long over and done with for me. It was a time of growth and change. In grade 12, I made an educated decision to become vegan. I read books, watched the movie “Forks Over Knives”, and searched out more information on making the change. First I started out vegetarian, but eventually made my way to a vegan diet.

Since entering post secondary, the diet was much more difficult to maintain. With the many tempting food options in residence, and hardly anything vegan, I caved in. I even ended up eating fish and occasionally meat (chicken).

I look where I am now and am not satisfied. I originally made the change to a vegan diet for multiple reasons – health, treatment of animals, etc.

However, there’s no time for change like the present, right? So, I have decided to go back to a vegan diet. It’s going to be a bit of a change again. I don’t eat much dairy anyways, but the little I did eat, I’ll be cutting out. I’ll also be removing fish and eggs from my diet.

I know it will be a little work, but in the end it’s worth it. I feel better eating vegan. So here’s to starting over!

For my breakfast this morning I made an orange slushy and had some leftover pesto pasta! This time I’m more determined to keep up this choice. I also dowbloaded the Yummly app on my phone and subscribed to the Vegan Society emails to help me on my journey. Looks like I’m starting off on the right track!


What are your diet and life goals?


Exercise Goals

I’ve never been the most active person, but since getting asthma, exercising is a must for me. I’ve heard many times now about the importance of strengthening my lung capacity. I was doing well at first; however, like a lot of good intentions, after a while I fell out of practice. Fast forward to recently, I’m starting over with trying to form this habit.

End goal: for regular exercise to become habitual and last for the long-term.

I thought a good way to accomplish this goal, and to be accountable to someone, would be to blog about it.


(Image from Pixabay)

So here I am… actually on Day 6 right now, because the idea of blogging about my goals only recently crossed my mind.  I thought it would be best to post sooner rather than later, before I lost my mojo.

Besides my body being sore, it’s going well. I’ve mostly been using an elliptical, today though I wanted to switch it up and do some weight lifting instead. I know strength training is good and healthy to do, so my dad was kind enough to guide me through some different exercises to strengthen my back and arms.

Though I am sore and tired, I’m sure that’s normal when you’re just starting out. However, I’m hopeful and optimistic for the future. If I put in the effort, I’m sure to succeed! How do you like to stay fit and active? What helps you stay on track and motivates you to keep exercising?


In case anyone’s wondering, I thought I would explain why I’ve been a little ‘on and off’ lately. I’ve been through an ordeal this winter from finding out I have asthma (and learning how to live and deal with my symptoms). Also, more recently I’ve been experiencing a variety of symptoms including exhaustion, headaches and muscle aches, etc. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on. I saw my doctor last week and had a blood test, but everything came back normal. So, onward I press into further testing to find answers.

As I’m sure you can all understand, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. So this is an apology for my forgetfulness and inconsistency. Please bear with me.

Thank you all!