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The Beauty & The Struggle

stock-photo-hello-august-new-chalkboard-with-d-outlined-text-on-wood-285818717Welcome to August everyone! Okay, it’s been a few days into this month already, but it’s my first post of the month, so I say welcome anyways! Personally, I can’t believe how quickly the summer has passed by. And I’m sure some people are dreading the arrival of September, but not me; I’m excited about this new season!

Lately I’ve been examining myself to see if I’m happy where I am and where I have to make some changes. In these moments I often find that I have drifted off from where I want to be. I’ve become distracted by other things. There is a lot to deal with in life physically, in work, and school. Plus other interests like sports, (not my thing, but I know lots of people enjoy it), books, movies, and more. It’s all too easy to be pulled away from what’s really important. 

What really matters then? People. At the end of the day, my possessions, wealth (or lack thereof), and everything I accumulate isn’t going to matter. My family, friends, those relationships and people who have left an impact on my life, that is what’s important. As an introvert, sometimes it’s tempting to try and hibernate from the world. Of course, having time to yourself is good, but having a balance between social and alone time is more healthy. Nevertheless, I must confess that I write this blog post while sitting in a chair alone and listening to music. However, like I said, nothing wrong with being alone sometimes … right?

teacher-836767_640Recently I have also decided it was time to purge the needless things and whatever is holding me back from moving forward. Truly, it’s easier than I’d like to admit for me to be dragged down by things that are hindering rather than helping me achieve my goals. As I’ve cut things out, I am starting to replace them with the habits I need in my life now. One, bible reading and morning devotions is a daily habit I’ve wanted for a long time now. However, since I’ve never been a morning person, it was always a struggle to keep up with morning prayer and devotions. Well, one thing hasn’t changed…I still can’t say that I’m a morning person, but this time I’m sure of my determination. If this is truly something I want, then I will find a way to incorporate it in my life in a way that works for me.

I don’t have it all figured it all out and I know I won’t be perfect. But isn’t life a journey? It’s about the beauty in the struggle, striving for what’s important. We fall and get up again, then carry on.

Here is a song I am reminded of: “All I’ve Ever Needed” by AJ Michalka.