Going Back

High school is long over and done with for me. It was a time of growth and change. In grade 12, I made an educated decision to become vegan. I read books, watched the movie “Forks Over Knives”, and searched out more information on making the change. First I started out vegetarian, but eventually made my way to a vegan diet.

Since entering post secondary, the diet was much more difficult to maintain. With the many tempting food options in residence, and hardly anything vegan, I caved in. I even ended up eating fish and occasionally meat (chicken).

I look where I am now and am not satisfied. I originally made the change to a vegan diet for multiple reasons – health, treatment of animals, etc.

However, there’s no time for change like the present, right? So, I have decided to go back to a vegan diet. It’s going to be a bit of a change again. I don’t eat much dairy anyways, but the little I did eat, I’ll be cutting out. I’ll also be removing fish and eggs from my diet.

I know it will be a little work, but in the end it’s worth it. I feel better eating vegan. So here’s to starting over!

For my breakfast this morning I made an orange slushy and had some leftover pesto pasta! This time I’m more determined to keep up this choice. I also dowbloaded the Yummly app on my phone and subscribed to the Vegan Society emails to help me on my journey. Looks like I’m starting off on the right track!


What are your diet and life goals?



3 thoughts on “Going Back”

  1. Props to you! I think I could survive vegetarian for a week maybe, but vegan I could never! Its a very disciplined diet, just not for me. But that is awesome that you are committing and getting back to what makes your body feel best! Like you said, no time like the present! I, myself just got back on my “diet” which is basically just making better choices each day. Anything I can stick to is a plus in my book!

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